About BikeRadar

Bikeradar, founded in 2016, is on a mission to provide sustainable transport information for multimodal trip advice.

We focus on environmentally friendly transportation advice, such a bike rides, to bring customers from door to door with the lowest possible carbon impact.


Smart ideas

At Bikeradar we're always looking for smart solutions to make the live of our travellers more convenient.

We're driven by cost-effective solutions, and thanks to our small and innovative team of enthousiastic minds, we can deliver solutions quickly.

Find the closest bike
within seconds

We'll find you a bike sharing bike, based on your location, wherever you are. We'll search the bikes for you, so you don't have to.

Our application bundles all Bike Providers into one, and serves this data to you within seconds. Never search for a bike again, because we already did.

Easy booking
of your preffered bike

Once you've found a bike, we'll display the costs, the quality and the model of the bike all before booking the bike. Like what you see? CLick the Book button and ride away.

When booking the bike, all you need is the application of the bike provider, and we'll do the rest. You never have to provide us with your financial data or even register for an account, so your data is safe with us!

Ride your bike
and park it right

Once you're on your way, you don't want to spend unnecessary time to find a good parking spot. No problem, we've got you covered.

As part of our app, we have not only find the closest bikes, but also the closest parking spot. Quick, easy and convenient, all in the same app. Safe travels, and happy cycling!

About BikeRadar

Bikeradar is a service for finding a public bike, fast and easy. Wherever you're going, we'll help you find your way, using one easy to use application.

More than

40 Bike providers

We support most bike providers, globally, so we're sure to find your favorite ride.

We aggregate all bikes from our partners, and provide them to you in a single view.

We also provide promotions and great offers from our partners!

The Bikeradar app is available for preferred platform, either on iOS or Android.

Download iOS
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Available for companies

We also offer our data to our partners. If you are a developer or represent a journey planner or Mobility as a Service (Maas), please visit our developer portal.

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