OnzO rides with Bikeradar


At Bikeradar, we’re working hard to keep up with the latest bike providers, and as a result, we’re happy to have added OnzO to our growing list of bike providers.

OnzO is New Zealand’s first and largest dockless bike share platform. You can recognise them by their black and yellow bikes, which are spread all over Aukland. OnzO is on a mission to make transport affordable, available and fun in New Zealand!

Another change we’ve implemented, as part of the integration of OnzO, is to update the information we provide as part of our Bikeradar API and Bikeradar App. Starting from today, we’re providing deposit information. In case you’re wondering what the deposit of OnzO is, have a look at our API! 

One thought on “OnzO rides with Bikeradar”

Kahoa Corbett posted on
at 9:02 am

lovely bike and people of Tonga were asking about those bikes as we got them donated from Onzo bikes to get them hired out to help running the very public community library in a village called Kolovai on the western part of Tongatapu. Hubby and I have just got back from Tonga and we rode on them everywhere down to the beach everyday for a swim so they wont be hired out till July so will keep you posted for the open date as will be sending some invitations to the opening date in July. Alohanui Kahoa and brendan

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